PCHE Foreign Language Collaboration
Foreign Language Offerings

Duquesne University- French

Course offerings are subject to availability and vary on a semester basis. 

 NumberCourse Name Units
MLFR 051French for Research I1
MLFR 052French for Research II1
MLFR 101Elementary French I3
MLFR 102Elementary French II3
MLFR 201 Intermediate French I3
MLFR 202 Intermediate French II3
MLFR 250Contemporary World Cinema 3
MLFR 270Perspectives of the Holocaust 3
MLFR 275Human Rights in Film1
MLFR 300 Introduction to Conversation and Composition3
MLFR 301W French Conversation and Composition I3
MLFR 302W French Conversation and Composition II3
MLFR 314W Individual Study I 1-3
MLFR 329W  17th Century French Literature3
MLFR 370W  French Novel in Translation3
MLFR 419WEuropean Union3
MLFR 429W 18th Century French Literature and Culture3
MLFR 462WSurvey of French Literature I: Middle Ages to 17th Century 3
MLFR 463W Survey of French Literature II: 18th Century to Modern Period3
MLFR 467WAdvanced French Grammar 3
MLFR 470W  La Philosophie Francaise3
MLFR 471W20th Century French Theatre 3
MLFR 472WFrancophone African Literature and Culture 3
MLFR 473WFaith and Reason in the Age of Revolution 3
MLFR 475WEast and West in Film and Print 3
MLFR 476WEastern and Central Europe in Film and Print 3
MLFR 477WClassics of Modern European Cinema 3